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Topdocs legal All legal documents carry some degree of legal risk for you as an adviser as well as your clients. In order to ensure you and your client are protected against this legal risk, any complex documentation ordered from Topdocs is reviewed and signed off by our associated legal practice, Topdocs Legal Pty Ltd.

Most importantly, Topdocs Legal Pty Ltd assumes the risk and responsibility for the documents it signs off – not you. This greatly mitigates any action that can be taken against you in relation to the documentation you provide your clients.

The lawyers at Topdocs Legal Pty Ltd also provide free legal advice as part of the Topdocs service. This advice extends to general and strategy queries, giving you the benefit of discussing any legal concerns you might have before determining the best structure or approach for your client.

You can learn more about our legal assurance services here

To contact the team at Topdocs Legal, please call 1300 659 242.