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Topdocs Protect is Topdocs’ online Estate Planning Platform which enables you to provide a comprehensive range of Estate Planning services to your clients, all with the full support of our legal panel, headed by Topdocs Legal and The Legal Hub.

Through Topdocs Protect, you have access to the following services:


Our online Will and Enduring Powers of Attorneys enable your clients to access quality estate planning documentation at very cost effective pricing.

Drafted by Topdocs Legal, our online Will caters for a wide range of personal circumstances and provides comprehensive inclusions you would only expect to see with full service documentation.

Our Online Will has a defined scope and our ordering process vets your client to ensure the Will is right for them.

To ensure your clients are protected during their lifetime, via Topdocs Protect you can also order a range of enduring powers of attorney and appointments of enduring guardian online, each drafted to comply with the respective state based requirements.


For clients with more complex needs, through our legal panel headed by Topdocs Legal and The Legal Hub, Topdocs facilitates a comprehensive suite of full service advice and documentation services in relation to:

  • Wills and Testamentary Trusts
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Trust and Business Succession Planning
  • Corporate Structuring
  • SMSF Succession Planning

Our Full Service offering involves you, as the trusted advisor, acting as a facilitator of the process, ensuring you retain full control of your client, without assuming any of the legal risk associated with the preparation of the documentation and advice.

With our services extending nationwide, no matter where you are we can provide you with a comprehensive solution for your firm.


Topdocs Legal presents an intensive Estate Planning course that is CPD accredited (15 hours) and presented as a face to face one day intensive combined with a 7 hour online training module.

Designed specifically for financial planners, accountants and lawyers, this comprehensive course will provide you with the required knowledge to confidently facilitate Estate Planning for your clients, enabling you to communicate your understanding of their Estate Planning needs and to work with Topdocs Legal or other solicitors to provide Estate Planning services to your clients.

Following the completion of the course, you will be able to easily incorporate Estate planning as a service to your clients, creating an additional revenue stream for your firm and enabling you to provide a holistic service offering to your clients.


We work with you to promote estate planning as a service offering to your client base. As part of our service we can provide you with a range of branded marketing materials to drive engagement with your clients, encouraging them to contact you in relation to their estate planning needs.

Our client engagement kit is available free of charge and includes:

  • An editable client letter, directed to your clients, that outlines the reasons why estate planning is important for them;
  • A brochure outlining what happens to their estate if they don’t have a Will; and
  • A questionnaire designed to encourage your clients to contact you regarding their estate planning needs.

These tools can be rebranded with your corporate colours - contact us to arrange this free service or request a kit below: