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Topdocs is renowned for quality documents. Meticulously developed and maintained by our legal experts, our documents are always up-to-date and provide the best strategic provisions.

In conjunction with our associated legal practice, Topdocs Legal Pty Ltd, we provide a complete estate and succession planning solution that includes legal advice and support along with the preparation and review of a comprehensive range of estate planning documentation.

Whether you are:

we can assist you.


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Topdocs offers a convenient estate planning process designed to meet your requirements.

Estate planning can be complex and each person has different requirements and wishes. To cater for these differing scenarios, Topdocs, through our associated legal practice Topdocs Legal, prepares a wide range of Wills and other estate planning documentation that caters for each person’s particular requirements.

To determine the best solution for each individual's specific requirements, we have prepared a convenient and simplified Estate Planning Fact Find that you can complete and forward to our lawyers for review.

Once received, our expert lawyers will then come back to you with their recommendations as to the best documentation required to satisfy your particular requirements.


Topdocs estate planning document range is extensive and caters for various requirements and circumstances. Our estate planning documents are available in the following categories:

  • Wills and Estate Planning – Topdocs offers a variety of standard, reciprocal, advanced and testamentary trust Wills (including different types of testamentary trusts such as discretionary testamentary trust, lineal descendants testamentary trust and capital protected testamentary trust). Whether a client wishes to put in place a relatively straightforward Will or has advanced estate planning needs due to complex family relationships or interests in family trusts and private companies, Topdocs Wills are designed to meet your requirements.

  • Powers of Attorney – Topdocs provides a complete range of powers of attorney for all states and territories in Australia. These include General Power of Attorneys and Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial/Medical/Guardian), with clear directions to attorneys and guardians on the donors needs and wishes in later life. Topdocs has also developed detailed guides containing vital information and instructions for the donor and their attorneys, which are included with each order.

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)– With the assets an individual holds in superannuation forming a significant component of their wealth, particularly if insurance benefits are added, consideration as to how a person's superannuation death benefits will be treated on death forms an important part of the estate planning process. Most people think that their superannuation will be automatically dealt with in their Will however, this is not the case. Generally, the trustee of the superannuation fund has a discretion (subject to the power contained in the trust deed of the fund) to pay out the superannuation entitlements as the trustee sees fit. However, SMSFs allow a range of options to the member of the SMSF, or their trusted adviser, to control the amount and any type of superannuation death benefits paid following the death of the member, which include:

    • Automatic Reversion of Pensions
    • Non-Binding Death Benefit Nominations
    • Non-lapsing Binding Death Benefit Nominations
    • Binding Death Benefit Rules
    • Death Benefit and SMSF Guardian documentation

    Topdocs is able to assist with the documentation required in regard to the above.

  • Succession Planning – A well-structured succession plan, whether it is in relation to business, trusts or companies, enables a smooth transition to the next generation and avoids the risk of conflict and costly disputes.

In relation to business, Topdocs offers Buy/Sell Agreements specifically tailored to suit the needs of each individual. By planning their exit from the business well in advance, clients are able to protect their interest and maximise the value of the business.

In relation to trusts, Topdocs offers a review of (and if required, amendments to) trust deeds to ensure that they contain the necessary provisions for continued succession and dispute resolution.

In relation to companies, Topdocs offers a review of (and if required, amendments to) company constitutions to ensure equity in voting rights with joint shareholdings where shares may pass to more than one beneficiary.


We understand that all legal documents carry legal risk. Topdocs mitigates that risk for you and your clients by having documents signed off by Topdocs Legal, an incorporated Legal Practice, as part of the service.

In addition, the advice provided by Topdocs Legal is supplied as part of the service. We believe providing you with access to legal experts, whenever you need it, delivers a level of comfort and reassurance when ordering legal documentation.


Topdocs also provides training to professional advisers in the area of estate planning and succession planning to enable them to identify their client's estate planning and succession planning needs.


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