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Applying for an Australian Business Number and Tax File Number with the ATO can be a time consuming process.

What if we could give you back the time it takes to apply for an ABN and TFN when you set up a new company, trust or SMSF?

Well the great news is – we can. Topdocs, through our link with the Australian Business Register, can automatically populate your entire ABN and TFN application for you as part of our online application, free of charge, when you set up your new companies, trusts and SMSFs with us. Imagine the time savings!

You simply review the ABN application online and submit it – without having to enter any client information!

Advice and service quote Love your automated ABN/TFN application process. I only have to complete the last section by entering the name of the person making the application and the date! It saves me so much time when I’m setting up my companies, SMSFs and trusts. Advice and support quote
Joe Kaleb, Australianbiz