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Our Dealer Group solution delivers a total offering that incorporates:

  • High quality SMSF, corporate and estate planning documentation with a legal and compliance focus
  • Third party integration with XPLAN, Class Super, SMSF administration and other platforms
  • Fast and easy online document ordering
  • White-label or co-badge solutions to run your own document portal from your website or intranet
  • A dedicated technical and legal team with free support for general and strategy queries
  • High quality professional development training


Topdocs is renowned for the quality of our documents. Meticulously developed and maintained by our in-house legal and SMSF experts, our documents are always up-to-date and provide the best strategic provisions.

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Self Managed Superannuation

Topdocs provides a complete SMSF solution for dealer groups. This includes:

  • The most comprehensive suite of high quality SMSF documentation available
  • An easy to use online document ordering portal that provides white label functionality
  • The most advanced online SMSF deed update system in the market for managing, tracking and updating clients’ trust deeds
  • Individual letters of legal assurance on documents with any legal risk
  • Integration with leading industry software such as XPLAN and Class Super
  • Integration with third party SMSF administration platforms
  • Compliance solutions that ensure SMSF deeds, investment strategies and pension documents are always up to date
  • Dedicated SMSF and documentation telephone support and legal advice
  • Free SMSF professional development videos with FPA and SMSFA accreditation

SMSF Borrowing

As market leaders in the area of SMSF borrowing, our solution includes:

  • A comprehensive suite of high quality SMSF borrowing documentation that is guaranteed to be accepted by all lenders
  • Individual letters of legal sign off by Topdocs Legal Pty Ltd confirming compliance with the SIS Act
  • Dedicated SMSF borrowing telephone support and legal advice
  • Free SMSF borrowing professional development videos with FPA and SMSFA accreditation
  • A range of technical and marketing materials
  • Various lender contacts

Estate Planning

Our estate planning offering for dealer groups comprises:

  • A broad range of high quality estate planning documentation
  • Comprehensive fact-find and technical documentation
  • Quality legal and technical support by our in-house lawyers
  • A dedicated telephone support line for the dealer group that ensures the adviser maintains control of the client process and remains at the hub of their clients’ affairs
  • Initial and ongoing training to provide advisers with the knowledge and confidence to communicate effectively with clients in relation to estate planning matters
  • Video-conferencing facilities to provide advisers and their clients with access to high quality legal advice whenever and wherever they might need it

Companies and Trusts

Our solution for Company and Trusts includes:

  • Feature-rich Discretionary Trust, Fixed and Non-Fixed Unit Trust, and Hybrid Trust documentation
  • A dynamic link to ASIC so companies can be registered instantly
  • In-house trust specialists that are available for advice and guidance as part of the service


  • Topdocs provides a growing list of agreements for advisers. This includes:
  • Buy Sell agreements with are supported by our in-house legal team
  • Loan documents including Division 7A, SMSF and general loan agreements


Ordering a document from Topdocs is simple and straight-forward. Using the Topdocs Document Portal you can order your document quickly online anytime, and have it delivered immediately via email or have it professionally printed, bound and delivered by express post.

We integrate to a range of industry leading software applications such as XPLAN, Class Super and various SMSF administrator systems, and prefill your documents with your clients’ information automatically. See who we integrate to.

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Where integration is not available, we save you time by cleverly populating your documents so you never have to fill in a client’s name or address twice.


Promote your own brand. The Topdocs Document Portal can be fully white-labelled or co-branded to represent your Dealer Group’s corporate identity. The Document Portal can then be embedded into your website or adviser intranet to provide a seamless process for ordering documents. Learn more about our white label solution here.


The Topdocs team includes a dedicated group of senior lawyers, SMSF specialist advisers and accountants, all with comprehensive SMSF, company, trust, estate planning and succession planning expertise. As part of the service, these experts are available to answer any technical queries your advisers may have.

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FREE technical and legal support

To keep you up-to-date with the latest legislation or changes in the industry, we provide a range of free technical newsletters, articles and FAQ documents. You also have access to free technical and legal phone support to answer any queries or questions you might have.

Professional development services

We provide a range of CPD accredited (SMSFA and FPA) technical videos to develop and maintain your advisers’ SMSF knowledge. These videos are professional filmed and provide a flexible way to keep up-to-date. These are provided free of charge to Dealer Groups.

We also provide on-site technical presentations for professional development days and conferences.

Legal assurance – reducing adviser risk

Documents that involve significant legal risk such as SMSF deed upgrades, trustee changes, BDBNs and SMSF loan documents are reviewed by our legal team and are provided with individual letters of legal sign off. Learn more about the legal assurance services we provide.


Topdocs supports the compliance requirements of Dealer Groups in the following ways:

  • Tools and processes to ensure advisers keep their clients’ SMSF deeds, investment strategies and pension documents up to date
  • Comprehensive, on-going accredited training in areas such as SMSFs, SMSF borrowing, SMSF income streams and estate planning
  • Legal review and sign off of key documents to remove adviser risk
  • Technical and legal advice for advisers


The Topdocs solution is a quality solution and provides excellent profit margins for Dealer Groups as well as competitive pricing for your advisers.

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To learn more about how Topdocs can support your Dealer Group, please contact the team at Topdocs on 1300 659 242.