Each month our team of experts presents a number of technical webinars, free of charge, for our clients.
Our technical webinars are on the following topics:

Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Time: 2:00pm – 3.00pm AEST
CPD: 1 hour
Cost: Free
Presenter: Michael Harkin, National Manager for Training & Advice, Topdocs

With LRBAs no longer under threat of being removed as an investment option (at least as it currently stands) now is a pertinent time to examine just where the government and the regulator sit in relation to LRBAs.

This webinar will examine a range of practical topics relating to LRBAs to ensure you are aware of the current state of play. Topics discussed will include:

What to do when loans mature?
What is the current state of play with refinancing options?
Difficulties with benchmarking related party loans
What are alternative financing options?
Interaction with LRBA and TSB and TBA
What is the Government and regulators current view with LRBA and things you need to consider?
Date: Thursday, 26 September 2019
Time: 2:00pm – 3.00pm AEST
Cost: Free
Presenters: Michael Spakman, Topdocs
Brant Dillon, The Legal Hub
Neal Dallas, McInnes Wilson

We're excited to show you how our online and full service estate planning platform, Topdocs Protect, can assist you to ensure all of your clients have a cost effective, valid estate plan in place, no matter how simple or complex their estate planning needs.

Topdocs Protect is an advisor centric platform that enables you, as the trusted adviser, to be actively involved in the facilitation of the estate planning services, but shielded from the legal risk associated with the legal advice and documentation, which instead, is assumed by our legal panel.

In this practical webinar, presented by Topdocs Director Michael Spakman, Brant Dillon, Director of The Legal Hub and McInnes Wilson Principal, Neal Dallas, where we will show you in detail the four key elements of Topdocs Protect that enable you to:

provide your clients with access to our comprehensively provisioned, exceptionally cost effective online Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney
engage with The Legal Hub for full service estate planning matters nationwide, with all documentation and advice prepared and signed off by their comprehensive legal panel
participate in our CPD accredited Estate Planning courses and webinars to increase your practical knowledge
receive a free client engagement kit to assist in developing estate planning as a service offering in your firm